Short video ads like these are easy to produce and very cost-effective. Better still, they are much more attention grabbing than text and still-image posts.


Today marketers have ready access to software and online platforms that turn your desktop into a production studio. Free software like iMovie can be used to create the slides and animations. I've used Adobe Premiere to create mine as it's part of my monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.


Adobe Creative Cloud is available here:

Even William (my voice over actor) lives inside my notebook


Online voice-to-text solution Kukarella,was used to provide a realistic commentary to my video. Kukarella converts text to voice using 484 realistic voices across 60 languages. Experiment with accents and effects. Transcribe audio files or real-time recordings. Kukarella supports 120 languages, recognises speakers, and guarantees privacy.


Most importantly they have a variety of voices with Australian accents too.


Kukarella subscriptions start from just USD$4.99 per month. To sign up:

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