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Prof. Maroš Servátka MQBS

When full-time Macquarie Business School (MQBS) professor and part-time ice hockey fanatic Maroš Servátka started teaching in the MBA program, he completely revamped the way economics is taught.

Maroš doesn’t focus on graphs, models, or macro predictions.

Instead, he focuses on applying concepts that create real opportunities for watchful executives and that can be put to use in profitable and practical ways by real companies.

Later, when approached to take up a Deputy Directorship at MQBS, Maroš saw an opportunity to re-engage MQBS and MGSM MBA alumni in a way that is complementary to the activities undertaken by the university, but that would be of benefit to the school, current MBA students and recent graduates, and of course, alumni.

'There is, and always has been, a craving from MBA students to network with people from the industry, learn from their experiences, and be mentored. What better way to start than with former students of the same MBA program?' said Maroš.


In accepting this new role, Maroš is taking on this ambitious challenge and will look towards incorporating certain alumni activities into the Education and Career Services Team portfolio. 


We applaud Maroš Servátka and look forward to collaborating with him in these initiatives.


No matter where you studied, connecting with your alumni community can be very rewarding. For Macquarie Business School (MQBS) and Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) alumni, becoming active within the alumni community can enrich your personal and professional life through:

1. Networking Opportunities:

Alumni groups provide a platform for networking with fellow graduates. Networking can lead to new job opportunities, mentorship connections, and valuable professional relationships.

2. Career Advancement:

Alumni often share job openings, career advice, and industry insights within their groups. Being a part of such a network can give you a competitive edge in your career advancement.

3. Professional Development:

Many alumni groups offer workshops, seminars, and other educational events aimed at enhancing professional skills. These opportunities can help you stay updated with industry trends and improve your expertise.

4. Social Connections:

Alumni events facilitate social interactions and provide a sense of community. Whether it's through reunions, social events, or online forums, connecting with former classmates can be personally rewarding and enriching.

5. Giving Back:

Alumni events often include in philanthropic activities, volunteering, or fundraising efforts to support their alma mater or local community. Participating in such initiatives allows you to contribute positively to society while staying connected to your roots.

6. Mentorship Opportunities:

Alumni who are further along in their careers can offer valuable mentorship to recent graduates or those looking to make a career change. Being active in the alumni community opens up opportunities for mentorship connections.

7. Support:

Being part of an alumni group means having a support system of individuals who share a common experience and understanding. Whether you need advice, encouragement, or simply someone to relate to, your fellow alumni can provide support in various aspects of life.

For the 16,000+ alumni of MQBS and MGSM we strongly suggest that you stay connected and we hope to see you at the next event.

For MGSM and MQBS alumni join here:

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