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Consulting for post-merger integration, new strategy deployment and change management

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For over twenty years Steven taught postgraduate MBA students at Macquarie Graduate School of Management.


Steven Segal's career narrative has been and continues to be an exploration of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and a search for meaning.


Inspired by his own lived experience of anxiety and depression,  Steven offers services for individuals and organisations, as well as coaching programs and workshops.


NFLUENCE brings together highly experienced consultants from business, psychology and academia to provide a new understanding and new answers to the human problems facing organisational leaders.

INFLUENCE unlocks the power of social identity to build your organisation's own leadership bench-strength & management performance.


Founded by Randal Tame in 1997, INFLUENCE has worked with executives and boards in large and small corporations, government, police and military across Asia and the Pacific. 

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